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Metzeler Roadtec 02 Motorcycle Tyres

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METZELER ROADTEC 02, the tyre that redefines the touring in a sporty and sustainable way, arrives in 2024

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Now in the final stages of development and testing, the new “super sport touring” tyre will offer new levels of handling and grip on wet surfaces by focusing on recycled and natural origin materials.

ROADTEC 02, the new sport touring tyre from Metzeler brand, is successfully completing the final development and testing phases and, starting from January 2024, will be available for sale to the public.

Compared to its predecessor ROADTEC 01, ROADTEC 02 significantly improves dynamic performance, primarily handling and wet road behaviour, and does so by using a high percentage of materials of natural origin (materials entirely or partially derived from biomass: plants and vegetables) or recycled.

The segment to which ROADTEC 02 belongs is the Sport-Touring one, i.e. that of tyres for mixed sport and touring use, but with this product the Metzeler brand has further raised the bar of sportiness by effectively creating a ""Super Sport Touring"" tyre. It is able to boast the typical characteristics of a touring tyre, such as high mileage and excellent grip on wet surfaces, combined with many of those more typical of super sports tyres, such as its handling which gives new levels of sportiness.

ROADTEC 02 is the new tyre intended for owners of large-displacement road motorcycles such as naked, crossover, sport tourer and tourer machines, which are used for travel, whether it is a simple out-of-town trip with naked bikes or long journeys with other types of motorbike. In all these cases, ROADTEC 02 will be a perfect travel companion for these motorcyclists. Thanks to its easy handling, it will make riding the motorcycle easier and less tiring, also improving the ability to hold a line whilst leaning.

With the new ROADTEC 02 compounds, the tyre warm-up times have also been reduced, benefiting safety from the first kilometres. Finally, performance in difficult conditions, such as cold, wet, and slippery asphalt, has been improved.

For the motorcyclist, all this translates into riding pleasure, high performance and safety in a full range of operating conditions.

The tyre ROADTEC 02 will also represent the first Metzeler product line to be characterised by a high percentage of materials of natural origin and recycled, allowing a substantial reduction in the quantity of ingredients of fossil and mineral origin.

Francesco Pietrangeli, Metzeler Marketing Director: “ROADTEC 02 will be a great representative of the Metzeler brand values. For us, travel is the quintessence of motorcycling to be understood as a lifestyle. We are talking to the motorcyclist who always rides, even if it's raining and cold. But also, to the romantic one, hungry for adventure and experiences to tell. All without ignoring another value of primary importance for us, the quality: those who travel trust and rely on high quality tyres, safe even in rain and cold, which make riding easier and are not very tiring. ROADTEC 02 embodies all these values perfectly and does so with an eye towards the environment because it significantly reduces materials of fossil and mineral origin, focusing instead on those of natural origin or recycled".

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