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Maxxis Maxxcross MX SM Motorcycle Tyres

Maxxis Sand Track Tyre 110-90 x 19

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Do you require your tyres fitting?

Not only can we supply these amazing tyres we can also fit them too, whether its to loose wheels or you require a Ride in Fitting service we can provide it at our Specialist Dedicated Motorcycle Tyre Fitting Centre in Telford, Shropshire, all you need to do is select the best time slot that suits you.


MXSM is designed for sand and mud and to pair with the MX-ST front for the ultimate championship winning pairing.

• Enhanced rigidity scoop design for extreme grip from the gate
• Prominent half-shoulder knobs for grip during sharp corners
• Scoop aids in propelling through sand and mud
• Hydrophobic rubber for self-cleaning properties
• Designed to operate consistently across a huge range of temperatures
• Sharp block edges for intense grip
• Reinforced sidewalls for rider comfort

Use with RiGa Gomme mousse for the best results

Barcode: 4717784516363

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 410 models (yearly).

  • HM Italia: CR 250R, CRF 250F, CRF 250 HM Special, CRF 250R
  • Honda: CR250 R, CR250 R1, CR250 R2, CR250 R3, CR250 R4, CR250 R5, CR250 R6, CR250 R7, CR250 R8, CR250 R9, CR250 RA, CR250 RB, CR250 RC, CR250 RD, CR250 RE, CR250 RF, CR250 RG, CR250 RH, CR250 RJ, CR250 RK, CR250 RL, CR250 RM, CR250 RN, CR250 RP, CR250 RR, CR250 RS, CR250 RT, CR250 RV, CR250 RW, CR250 RX, CR250 RY, CR250 RZ, CRF250 Enduro, CRF250 F, CRF250 L, CRF250 LAH, CRF250 LD, CRF250 LE, CRF250 LF, CRF250 LG, CRF250 LJ, CRF250 M, CRF250 R, CRF250 R4, CRF250 R5, CRF250 R6, CRF250 R7, CRF250 R8, CRF250 R9, CRF250 RA, CRF250 RB, CRF250 RC, CRF250 RK, CRF250 RL/A, CRF250 RX, CRF250 RY, CRF250 X, CRF250 XRL
  • KTM: MX 250, MX 250 VC Cross, SX 250, SXS 250, XC 250, XC 250TPI, XCW 250, XCW 250TPI
  • Suzuki: RM 250A, RM 250B, RM 250C, RM 250D, RM 250E, RM 250F, RM 250G, RM 250H, RM 250J, RM 250K, RM 250K1, RM 250K2, RM 250K3, RM 250K4, RM 250K5, RM 250K6, RM 250K7, RM 250K8, RM 250K9, RM 250L, RM 250L0, RM 250L1, RM 250L2, RM 250L3, RM 250L4, RM 250L5, RM 250L6, RM 250L7, RM 250M, RM 250N, RM 250P, RM 250R, RM 250S, RM 250T, RM 250V, RM 250W, RM 250X, RM 250Y, RM 250Z
  • TM Racing: MX 2502T, MX 250 2T with Brembo front caliper, MX 250F, MX 250 F with Brembo front caliper, SMX 250, SMX 250 2T with Brembo Caliper, SMX 250 Fi with Brembo front caliper
  • Yamaha: MX 250 Comp, YZ 250A, YZ 250A2, YZ 250A3, YZ 250B, YZ 250B2, YZ 250B3, YZ 250C, YZ 250D, YZ 250D2, YZ 250D3, YZ 250E, YZ 250E2, YZ 250E3, YZ 250F, YZ 250F0, YZ 250F1, YZ 250F2, YZ 250F3, YZ 250F4, YZ 250F5, YZ 250F6, YZ 250F7, YZ 250F8, YZ 250F9, YZ 250FA, YZ 250FB, YZ 250FC, YZ 250 FD EFI, YZ 250 FE EFI, YZ 250FG, YZ 250FH, YZ 250FJ, YZ 250FK, YZ 250FX, YZ 250FY, YZ 250G, YZ 250G2, YZ 250G3, YZ 250H, YZ 250H2, YZ 250H3, YZ 250J, YZ 250J2, YZ 250J3, YZ 250K, YZ 250K2, YZ 250K3, YZ 250L, YZ 250L2, YZ 250M2, YZ 250N, YZ 250N2, YZ 250P2, YZ 250R2, YZ 250S, YZ 250S2, YZ 250T, YZ 250T2, YZ 250U, YZ 250V, YZ 250V2, YZ 250W2, YZ 250X, YZ 250X2, YZ 250Y, YZ 250Y2, YZ 250Z2

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