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Maxxis Maxxcross Enduro Motorcycle Tyres

Maxxis introduces its new versatile M7313 and M7314 MaxxEnduro which is an E-marked road legal tyre and is ideal for most enduro conditions.

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90/90-21 54R. M7313 MaxxEnduro - Front.
Maxxis introduces its new versatile M7313 and M7314 MaxxEnduro which is an E-marked road legal tyre and is ideal for most enduro conditions. The side blocks provide accurate steering in muddy conditions and are designed for aggressive cornering even in the deepest of mud.

EAN: 4717784502045

Barcode: 4717784502045

Fitment Summary
Compatible with 2,080 models (yearly).

  • Aprilia: MXV 450, RXV 450, RXV 450 Street, RXV 550, RXV 550 Light
  • Benelli: BX 505 Enduro
  • Beta: Alp 200, Alp 2004T, Alp 350 4 (Suzuki Engine), Evo 200, Evo 200 Enduro, M4 400 Motard, RE 125 Enduro 4T, Rev 3 125, Rev 3 125 Enduro, Rev 3 250 Trials, RR 125 Enduro, RR 125 Motard, RR 200 Enduro, RR 250 Enduro, RR 250 Racing, RR 300 Enduro, RR 300 Racing, RR 350 Enduro, RR 350 Enduro Racing, RR 390 Enduro, RR 390 Enduro Racing, RR 4004T, RR 400 Enduro, RR 400 Enduro Factory, RR 400 Enduro Racing, RR 430 Enduro, RR 430 Enduro Racing, RR 450 Cross, RR 450 Enduro, RR 450 Enduro Cross Country, RR 450 Enduro Factory, RR 450 Enduro Racing, RR 450 Motard, RR 450 Racing, RR 525 Enduro, RR 525 Enduro Racing, RR 525LC, RRS 350 Enduro, RRS 390 Enduro, RRS 430 Enduro, RS 390, RS 400, RS 430, RS 4304T, RX 250, Xtrainer 300LC
  • BMW: F 650ST, G 450X, G 650GS, G 650 X moto
  • Derbi: Senda 50R
  • HM Italia: CR 250R, CRF 250F, CRF 250 HM Special, CRF 250R
  • Husaberg: FE 2504T, FE 3504T, FE 3904T, FE 4004T, FE 5014T, FE 510, FE 550, FE 5504T, FE 600, FE 6004T, FE 6504T, TE 1252T, TE 2502T, TE 3002T
  • Husqvarna: Enduro 701, Enduro 701 Terra, FE 2504T, FE 3504T, FE 4504T, FE 5014T, FE 7014T, TC 310, TE 125, TE 250, TE 250i, TE 300, TE 300i, TE 310, TE 350, TE 410, TE 410E, TR 650 Strada, TXC 310, WR 125, WR 250, WR 360, WRE 125, WRE 125H2, WRE 250
  • Hyosung: XRX 125
  • Kawasaki: KLX 450R, KLX 650C1, KLX 650C10, KLX 650C2, KLX 650C3, KLX 650C4, KLX 650C5, KLX 650C6, KLX 650C7, KLX 650C8, KLX 650C9, KLX 650R
  • MZ: Baghira 660 Forest
  • Rieju: MRX 125
  • SWM: RS 300R, RS 500R, RS 650R
  • TM Racing: MX 2502T, MX 250 2T with Brembo front caliper, MX 250F, MX 250 F with Brembo front caliper, SMX 250, SMX 250 2T with Brembo Caliper, SMX 250 Fi with Brembo front caliper
  • Honda: CR250 R, CR250 R1, CR250 R2, CR250 R3, CR250 R4, CR250 R5, CR250 R6, CR250 R7, CR250 R8, CR250 R9, CR250 RA, CR250 RB, CR250 RC, CR250 RD, CR250 RE, CR250 RF, CR250 RG, CR250 RH, CR250 RJ, CR250 RK, CR250 RL, CR250 RM, CR250 RN, CR250 RP, CR250 RR, CR250 RS, CR250 RT, CR250 RV, CR250 RW, CR250 RX, CR250 RY, CR250 RZ, CRF250 Enduro, CRF250 F, CRF250 L, CRF250 LAH, CRF250 LD, CRF250 LE, CRF250 LF, CRF250 LG, CRF250 LJ, CRF250 M, CRF250 R, CRF250 RA, CRF250 RB, CRF250 RC, CRF250 RK, CRF250 RL/A, CRF250 RX, CRF250 RY, CRF250 X, CRF250 XRL, CRF450 L, CRF450 R, CRF450 R2, CRF450 R3, CRF450 R4, CRF450 R5, CRF450 R6, CRF450 R7, CRF450 R8, CRF450 R9, CRF450 RA, CRF450 RB, CRF450 RC, CRF450 RD, CRF450 RE, CRF450 RF, CRF450 RG, CRF450 RH, CRF450 RJ, CRF450 RK, CRF450 RWE, CRF450 RX, CRF450 RXJ, CRF450 X, CRF450 XC, CRM250 RK
  • KTM: Cross 500, EGS 125, EGS 200, EGS 250, EGS 300, EGS 350, EGS 400, EGS 500, EGS 600, EGS 620 Adventure, EGS 620 LC-4, EGSE 400, Enduro 690, Enduro 690R, EXC 125 Enduro, EXC 125 Six Days, EXC 200 Enduro, EXC 250 Enduro, EXC 250 Factory, EXC 250 six days, EXC 300 Enduro, EXC 350 Enduro, EXC 400 Enduro, EXC 450 Enduro, EXC 450 Six Days, EXC 500 Enduro, EXC 500 Six Days, EXC 520 Racing, EXC 525 Racing, EXC 530 Enduro, EXC 600 Enduro, EXC 620 Enduro, EXC 640 Enduro, EXC 660 Enduro, EXCE 250 electric start, EXCE 300 Electric start, EXCF 250 Enduro, EXCF 250 six days, EXCF 3004T, EXCF 3504T, EXCF 350 6 days, EXCF 400 Enduro, EXCF 450 Enduro, EXCF 500 Enduro, EXCF 500 six days, EXCG 250 Racing, EXCG 400 Racing, EXCG 525 Racing, EXCR 530 / Six Days, EXE 125, Freeride 250F, Freeride 250R, Freeride 350F, Freeride E 0 Electric, GS 250, GS 3504t, GS 500, LC4 600 Incas, LC4 640 Adventure, LC4 640 Adventure Enduro, LC4E 400, LC4E 640 Enduro, MC 250, MX 250, MX 250 VC Cross, MXC 250, Rally 690 Red Bull Replica, Rallye 660, RXC 620, SMC 625, SX 250, SXC 625 LC-4, SXF 250, SXF 250 Factory Edition, SXS 250, SXSF 250, XC 250, XC 250TPI, XC 525 Desert Racing, XC 525 Quad, XCF 250, XCF 350, XCF 450, XCFW 250, XCFW 350 six days, XCFW 525, XCW 250, XCW 250TPI, XCW 400, XCW 450, XCW 5004t, XCW 525, XCW 530, XL 250
  • Suzuki: DRZ 400E, DRZ 400S, RM 250A, RM 250B, RM 250C, RM 250D, RM 250E, RM 250F, RM 250G, RM 250H, RM 250J, RM 250K, RM 250K1, RM 250K2, RM 250K3, RM 250K4, RM 250K5, RM 250K6, RM 250K7, RM 250K8, RM 250K9, RM 250L, RM 250L0, RM 250L1, RM 250L2, RM 250L3, RM 250L4, RM 250L5, RM 250L6, RM 250L7, RM 250M, RM 250N, RM 250P, RM 250R, RM 250S, RM 250T, RM 250V, RM 250W, RM 250X, RM 250Y, RM 250Z, RMX 250K, RMX 250L, RMX 250M, RMX 250N, RMX 250P, RMX 250R, RMX 250S, RMX 250ST, RMX 250SV, RMX 250SW, RMX 250SX, RMX 450ZL0, RMX 450ZL1, RMX 450ZL2, RMX 450ZL3, RMX 450ZL4, RMX 450ZL5, RMX 450ZL6, RMX 450ZL7, RMX 450ZL8, RMX 450ZL9, RMZ 450K5, RMZ 450K6, RMZ 450K7, RMZ 450K8, RMZ 450K9, RMZ 450L0, RMZ 450L1, RMZ 450L2, RMZ 450L3, RMZ 450L4, RMZ 450L5, RMZ 450L6, RMZ 450L7, RMZ 450L8, RMZ 450L9, RMZ 450M0, RMZ 450M1
  • Yamaha: MX 250 Comp, TT 600B, TT 600D, TT 600E, TT 600F, TT 600G, TT 600H, TT 600J, TT 600K, TT 600L, TT 600M, TT 600 N (4KE/4MB), TT 600R, TT 600RE, TT 600S, TT 600T, TT 600V, TT 600W, WR 250A, WR 250F, WR 250FL, WR 250FM, WR 250FN, WR 250FP, WR 250FR, WR 250FS, WR 250FT, WR 250FV, WR 250FW, WR 250RA, WR 250RB, WR 250RD, WR 250RE, WR 250RF, WR 250RG, WR 250RH, WR 250RJ, WR 250RY, WR 250RZ, WR 250V, WR 250XE, WR 250XH, WR 250ZB, WR 250ZD, WR 250ZE, WR 250ZF, WR 250ZG, WR 250ZH, WR 250ZJ, WR 250ZK, WR 426FK, WR 426FL, WR 426FM, WR 426FN, WR 426FP, WR 426FR, WR 450FA, WR 450FB, WR 450FD, WR 450FE, WR 450FF, WR 450FG, WR 450FH, WR 450FJ, WR 450FK, WR 450FL, WR 450FM, WR 450FN, WR 450FR, WR 450FS, WR 450FT, WR 450FV, WR 450FW, WR 450FX, WR 450FY, WR 450FZ, XT 350A, XT 350B, XT 350C, XT 350D, XT 350E, XT 350F, XT 350G, XT 350H, XT 350J, XT 350K, XT 350L, XT 350M, XT 350U, XT 350V, XT 350W, XT 350X, XT 350Y, YZ 250A, YZ 250A2, YZ 250A3, YZ 250B, YZ 250B2, YZ 250B3, YZ 250C, YZ 250D, YZ 250D2, YZ 250D3, YZ 250E, YZ 250E2, YZ 250E3, YZ 250F, YZ 250F0, YZ 250F1, YZ 250F2, YZ 250F3, YZ 250F4, YZ 250F5, YZ 250F6, YZ 250F7, YZ 250F8, YZ 250F9, YZ 250FA, YZ 250FB, YZ 250FC, YZ 250 FD EFI, YZ 250 FE EFI, YZ 250FG, YZ 250FH, YZ 250FJ, YZ 250FK, YZ 250FX, YZ 250FY, YZ 250G, YZ 250G2, YZ 250G3, YZ 250H, YZ 250H2, YZ 250H3, YZ 250J, YZ 250J2, YZ 250J3, YZ 250K, YZ 250K2, YZ 250K3, YZ 250L, YZ 250L2, YZ 250M2, YZ 250N, YZ 250N2, YZ 250P2, YZ 250R2, YZ 250S, YZ 250S2, YZ 250T, YZ 250T2, YZ 250U, YZ 250V, YZ 250V2, YZ 250W2, YZ 250X, YZ 250X2, YZ 250Y, YZ 250Y2, YZ 250Z2

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