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Dunlop Mutant Motorcycle Tyres

Conquer all Conditions

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The Dunlop Mutant tyres are designed for riders who demand versatility, performance, and reliability. Whether you're navigating city streets, winding country roads, or off-road trails, the Mutant tyres deliver exceptional grip, stability, and durability, ensuring a confident and thrilling riding experience in all conditions.

Key Features

Multi-Compound Construction

• The Dunlop Mutant features a multi-compound construction that provides a perfect balance between grip, durability, and wet weather performance.

Mutant Tread Pattern

• The unique Mutant tread pattern is designed to maximize traction and stability on a variety of surfaces, including wet, dry, and loose conditions.

Advanced Polymer Compound

• Engineered with an advanced polymer compound, the Mutant tyres offer exceptional grip and longevity, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Dynamic Front and Rear Profiles

• The dynamic front and rear profiles enhance handling and stability, providing precise steering response and control.

High Silica Content

• The high silica content in the tyre compound improves wet weather performance and reduces rolling resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency and ride comfort.


• Unmatched Versatility: The multi-compound construction and unique tread pattern ensure excellent performance on a variety of surfaces, making the Mutant tyres ideal for diverse riding conditions.
• Superior Grip and Stability: The advanced polymer compound and dynamic profiles provide exceptional grip and stability, ensuring confident handling and control in all conditions.
• Long-Lasting Performance: The high silica content and durable construction ensure long-lasting performance and consistent grip, making the Mutant tyres a cost-effective choice for riders.
• Enhanced Wet Weather Performance: The high silica content and advanced tread design improve wet weather performance, ensuring reliable traction and safety in rainy conditions.
• Improved Fuel Efficiency: Reduced rolling resistance enhances fuel efficiency, providing a comfortable and economical ride.


• Versus Michelin Road 5: While both tyres offer excellent versatility and performance, the Dunlop Mutant's unique tread pattern and advanced polymer compound provide superior grip and stability on diverse surfaces, making it a preferred choice for adventurous riders.
• Versus Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41: The Mutant tyres offer better wet weather performance and fuel efficiency compared to the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41, ensuring a more reliable and economical ride in various conditions.

Ideal Users

• Adventure Riders: Perfect for riders who explore both on and off-road terrains, providing reliable traction, stability, and agility in diverse riding conditions.
• Daily Commuters: Ideal for daily commuters who need a versatile and reliable tyre for everyday riding, regardless of weather and road conditions.
• Touring Enthusiasts: Suited for riders who enjoy long-distance touring, offering exceptional comfort, stability, and durability for extended journeys.


Elevate your riding experience with the Dunlop Mutant tyres, the ultimate choice for versatile performance. With their multi-compound construction, unique tread pattern, and advanced polymer compound, the Mutant tyres ensure exceptional grip, stability, and durability in all conditions. Whether you're navigating city streets, winding country roads, or off-road trails, trust Dunlop to deliver the quality and performance you need for a confident and thrilling ride.

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