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Continental Trail Attack 3 Motorcycle Tyres Pair Deals

Designed Especially for the Very Latest Adventure Motorbikes

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The Continental Trail Attack 3 tyres are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of adventure riders who demand top-notch performance, versatility, and durability. Whether you're traversing challenging terrains, tackling winding roads, or embarking on long-distance journeys, the Trail Attack 3 offers exceptional grip, stability, and longevity for a confident and thrilling ride in all conditions.

Key Features

MultiGrip Technology

• Continental's innovative MultiGrip technology ensures a seamless transition between different compounds, providing optimal grip and durability throughout the tyre's lifespan.

RainGrip Technology

• The RainGrip technology enhances wet weather performance by improving water evacuation and maintaining reliable traction on slippery surfaces.

Traction Skin Technology

• With Traction Skin technology, the Trail Attack 3 tyres offer immediate grip and require minimal break-in time, ensuring a safe and consistent performance from the start.

Flex-Resistant Belt

• The flex-resistant belt construction enhances stability and precision, providing excellent feedback and control, especially during cornering maneuvers.

Adaptive Grip Technology

• Adaptive Grip technology optimizes the tyre's grip level based on the rider's input and riding conditions, ensuring maximum traction and confidence in various scenarios.


• Versatile Performance: The Continental Trail Attack 3 tyres excel in a wide range of riding conditions, from smooth highways to challenging off-road trails, providing versatile performance for adventure riders.
• Exceptional Wet Weather Performance: With RainGrip technology and optimized tread pattern, the Trail Attack 3 tyres deliver reliable traction and stability, even in wet and slippery conditions, enhancing safety and confidence.
• Long-Lasting Durability: MultiGrip technology and flex-resistant belt construction ensure long-lasting durability and consistent performance, allowing riders to enjoy extended journeys without worrying about tyre wear.
• Precise Handling and Control: The combination of adaptive grip technology and flex-resistant belt construction provides precise handling and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate through corners and straight-line stretches.
• Immediate Grip: Traction Skin technology offers immediate grip and requires minimal break-in time, providing riders with a safe and consistent performance right from the start of their journey.


• Versus Michelin Anakee Adventure: While both tyres offer excellent performance, the Continental Trail Attack 3 tyres provide superior wet weather performance and immediate grip with their RainGrip and Traction Skin technologies, making them a preferred choice for riders seeking confidence and control in diverse conditions.
• Versus Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR: The Trail Attack 3 tyres offer better on-road performance and longevity compared to the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, with their MultiGrip and Flex-Resistant Belt technologies ensuring versatile performance and durability for adventure touring riders.

Ideal Users

• Adventure Touring Enthusiasts: Perfect for adventure touring enthusiasts who seek a tyre that can handle both on-road and off-road adventures, providing exceptional grip, stability, and durability for long-distance journeys.
• Dual-Sport Riders: Ideal for dual-sport riders who need a tyre that offers versatile performance on both pavement and dirt, allowing them to explore diverse terrains with confidence and control.
• Long-Distance Tourers: Suited for long-distance tourers who require a tyre that offers reliable traction, stability, and longevity for extended journeys, ensuring a safe and comfortable riding experience on various road surfaces.


Elevate your adventure touring experience with the Continental Trail Attack 3 tyres, the ultimate choice for high-performance versatility. With their innovative technologies, including MultiGrip, RainGrip, and Traction Skin, the Trail Attack 3 tyres ensure exceptional grip, stability, and durability in all riding conditions. Whether you're exploring remote trails or cruising on highways, trust Continental to deliver the quality and performance you need for an unforgettable adventure.

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