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WHAT'S NEW ... December 2023

WHAT'S NEW ... December 2023

Just a quickie today! 

I'm still finding more and more tyres to fulfill all, well nearly all of your rubber based needs.

Both Pirelli and Metzeler have added more tread patterns, more sizes, more options! 


Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slick has new sizes ... 100/70 R17 NHS TL SC2 Front & 200/65 R17 NHS TL SCQ Rear

Metzeler Racetec RR Slick now has ... 190/60 R17 NHS TL K0 Rear

The new for 2024, Metzeler Roadtec 02 has extra sizes being added to the range:
110/80 R19 59V TL Front
120/70 ZR19 60W TL Front
150/70 R17 69V TL Rear
170/60 ZR17 72W TL Rear

Plus O-spec tyres for use on the rear wheels of heavy bikes.
180/55 ZR17 73W TL
190/50 ZR17 73W TL 
190/55 ZR17 75W TL 

Extra sizes for the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Sport, the new tyre for lightweight sport bikes
70/90 -17 38S TL
80/90 -17 44S TL
90/80 -17 46S TL
120/70 -17 58S TL
150/60 -17 66S TL

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail 3 is coming in 2024, and some extra sizes are now on the list.
120/70 R19 60V TL Front
120/90 -17 64H TL Front
130/80 R17 65V TL Rear
140/80 R17 69V TL Rear
160/60 ZR17 69W TL Rear

The all new BMW R1300 GS gets some Metzelers.. and I do LOVE the Tourance Next 2...
Tourance Next 2 120/70 R19 60V TL B-spec Front
Tourance Next 2 170/60 R17 72V TL B-spec Rear

Some extra options are coming for the road legal Sur-Ron LightBee
Scorpion MX32 70/100 -19 42M TT Mid Soft Universal
Scorpion MX32 70/100 -19 42M TT Mid Hard Universal

Extra sizes for fans of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter
110/80 -14 53P TL Front
140/70 -14 68S TL Rf Rear


Other tyres have odd sizes being added, too many and too odd to list here, but that's ok because I'm listing them where it matters, and if you need one and they're available... they will appear on the list of the tyre you like in the size you need.

Right, back to adding MORE TYRES! Woooooooooooooo!