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WHAT'S NEW ... November 2023

WHAT'S NEW ... November 2023

We now stock Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres 

I have to admit that I've not been a Maxxis fan over the years, having run 1 set I found them to be below par and I've bad mouthed the brand since then. So seeing and feeling the current range of Maxxis tyres I'm now feeling OK to sell them. They are no longer a budget tyre, the prices have gone up but so has the quality, so definately worth considering.

Treads we currently stock / can supply:

DTR1 Flat Track Maxxcross MX ST+
M6029 MaxxVenture
M918 MX ST M7332
Maxx Enduro Promaxx
Maxxcross Enduro Supermaxx
Maxxcross IT Supermaxx Diamond
Maxxcross IT -E road legal Supermaxx Sport
Maxxcross MX MH Touring M6011
Maxxcross MX SM Trialmaxx


A wee-while ago we also added Heidenau Motorcycle Tyres to our range.

Currently there are not many tread patterns listed, and not much stock but we are looking to add to availability as soon as we can. 


REBEL Motorcycle Tyres are a new brand to the market... these are serious off road tyres.
Developed by Spanish motorcycle legend Iván Cervantes  you know these are going to be good at their job.

A bit of advice from Rebel's UK importer "If you need to ask how many miles these will last, these are NOT the tyres for you.' (serious off road tyres!)


Michelin Motorcycle Tyres have announced 3 new tyres for 2024


Power 6 ... an upgrade to their popular sports tyre... you guessed it, the Power 5

Power GP2 ... and upgrade to their track happy sports tyre, the Power GP

Anakee Road ... adding to the Anakee range for adventure bikes.


I'm sure that I'm not the only person who is super excited for Bridgestone's new Battlax S23 Sports Tyre.


We're also busy adding new sizes that manufacturer's sneak into their ranges and we're always looking to improve our product pages by adding in extra information or making difficult products easier to understand by adding key text to images so you can be more sure of what you're ordering.

Some sellers will use the same photo of a pair of tyres whether they're selling a pair, a front, a rear, a universal or a specific version or compound of a tyre. We aim to make this clearer, if you wan't a D-Spec tyre then we want the photo to say D-Spec on it. If you want a Green stripe Mitas, the photo will have green lines on it.

But... as ever, if you need help just call or email us.