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The Different Types of Motorcycle Tyres

The Different Types of Motorcycle Tyres

The Different Types of Motorcycle Tyre

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, some information about the about different kinds of motorbike tyres could well prove useful, it could even perhaps, save your life.

Why do I say that, well putting it simply, if you choose the wrong type of tyre, you could well find that you just don’t have the grip when you need it, for example when you are braking on a wet road, and as any biker knows, that can be rather dangerous…

Its’s Not Surprising That People Get Confused Either

There are so many different types of motorcycle tyres available on the market today, it gets very confusing for some about what kinds are best for what machines, weather conditions and riding styles. 

Based on what bike you have and how you use your motorbike, we have compiled this guide which hopefully will help you choose.

The Basics of Selecting The Right Motorbike Tyres 

Whatever tyre type you talk about, they all provide pleasure (and safety) to riders. But, and it is a big BUT, they have to be fitted to the right sort of bike being used in a certain way, or number of ways.

Superfast motorcycle racing tyres for instance are great for those muscle bikes, whilst those huge chopper tyre models, motocross tyres, and classic motorbike tyres all provide the right sort of rider/bike combination with all the pleasure and excitement they require.

However, In Every Case It is Your Safety That is Paramount

Always bear in mind that it is your safety that has to drive your choice, not how good a tyre looks, the reviews you read about it, or what your mate said. Always, always, check that that type, your bike and the way that you intend to use it are compatible with the maximum possible safety level.

Tyre manufactures often offer many different options, and that can mean that they end up being very different from one another. For instance, they can differ in terms of their profile as well as the rubber compound used, both of which have an impact on how well they perform in the real life scenario that you will be living in.

For Some Appearance Means A Lot

Many riders really want their mount to stand out from the crowd, for example, whitewall tyres are considered as a must have for a classic model.

However, when deciding what motorcycle tyres to buy, you MUST base this NOT on looks of the tyre, but how you are intending to use your bike, which should by the way, be what it was designed for.

Selecting of The Right Motorcycle Tyre

Different bikes need different tyres, it really is a simple as that. The riders of racing bikes (especially if they are being used on a track) require a totally different type of tyre to motocross or off road bike.

There are also many niches in the motorbike world, for example off-road enthusiasts, there being two main sub types enduro tyres and motocross tyres.

At its heart, as mentioned above, you have to first determine your preferred riding style and needs before you can pick the right type of motorbike tyre for your particular needs.

Road tyres for motorcycles

In Europe it appears that radial tyres are the most popular, the next most purchased type being diagonal tyres.

Perhaps the main reason for this is that radial tyres offer better performance at high speeds and are thus better suited to fast road riding.

Touring motorcycle tyres

Touring tyres are designed to provide safe, enjoyable riding on the widest possible range of road surfaces. In practice this means that they offer ‘good rideability’, that is allowing a long ride time and maximum comfort.

Manufacturers also take in account that their tyres are liable to be used in a wide range of weather conditions. In other words a wet road  should not cause any problems for a touring tyre, this being quite the opposite when comparing it to a ‘slick’ racing tyre.

However, as you can imagine, touring tyres are not designed for high speeds or for maximum grip, a careful compromise having to be made.

Cruiser and Harley tyres

The tyres for cruiser models, also known as chopper tyres, are as you would expect totally different again. High speed performance is not what is wanted here, instead, these tyres need to be built with long continuous rides in mind, together with the ability to provide good grips when turning, whilst also being as quiet as possible, this bearing in mind that these bikes are often very heavy.

Typically, these tyres offer a high load index (which means that they can support a heavy bike safely), this providing a very stable driving experience.  The side profile of these reinforced tyres explains why they are good at what they do, extensive information being available on the manufacturer’s websites (or you could just talk to us)

Off-road Motorcycle Tyres

The name gives away their purpose, the tyres being designed with a very clear usage in mind, that is off-the-road or all-terrain driving.

All terrain tyres have to be able to cope with forests, muddy tracks, meadows, stoney paths, in fact any environment you may find when roving outdoors.

This has meant that any off-road motorbike tyre has to have a very strong construction, whilst also being able to resist all that outdoor riding throws at them.

As you can imagine, it is not really possible to create a tyre that will cater for every type of environment or use. It is therefore best to do lots of research (or better still ask the team at Sticky Tyres) about what tyre to purchase, bearing in mind the particular types of surface your off-road tyres will most frequently be used on.

Motorcycle Sports Tyres

This type of tyre is primarily designed for use in the racing sector, and are not ideal for road use. However, some sports tyres can be used on public roads, but here it is important to only pick those models that are marked as being suitable for this type of use.

Why it is important to buy your tyres from a professional outlet

Any tyre outlet is likely to be offering a very wide range of tyres, with many different variants being available in just about every sector and niche.

This makes it very difficult, perhaps impossible, to choose a tyre without taking expert advice.

A professional salesperson will ask you a number of questions before suggesting a particular tyre, these including your riding style and type of use, the road surfaces you will riding on, whether you are going on any long journeys as well as the likely weather conditions etc.

So, the best advice is to fully understand what you want to do with your bike, and then take advice from an expert.

That way you will end up with the perfect tyre for your motor bike, one that will give you the greatest pleasure whilst also ensuring your safety.