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More Blue! Matt's New Suzuki GSX650F

More Blue! Matt's New Suzuki GSX650F

Well with Chritmas around the corner i have most certinally been gifted by my grandparents! I could not thank them enough for this :)

I have now got the Suzuki GSX650F 2009 and I love it...

Compared to the SV650 i find it alot more comfortable as its got a more sat up possition that makes doing long journeys alot more easier and less strein on my wrists and shoulders. In my opinion it handles alot better and the diffrence from the SV's V-twin engine to the in-line 4 of the GSX650f,  wow just wow it runs alot smoother.

The Suzuki GSX650f came with Bridgestone BT-023 Sports Touring Tyres on which i have perivously used before, The BT023's handle well in the rain and grip where they need too, I Happy to keep with these until its time for a fresh set. 

Future plans... well of course im putting hard panniers on the side of it. and i definitely need to get out as much as possible in 2024! (fingers crossed great weather)